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Think Design builds the most effective online presence for your enterprise and brand through our immersive strategy

What We Do

...and how we go about it.

Look Everywhere

Our holistic service draws on decades of expertise in design and development, social media, and marketing to deliver adaptive, cutting-edge web and mobile solutions. Together, we cover all aspects of your enterprise; its workflow, stakeholders, audience, and every segment touched. We consider not just how the business functions, but the feeling it generates.


Getting to the heart of your work enables Think Design to produce a concise contemporary narrative. We work with you face to face and remotely to define the online story your customers need to hear. Our user-centered cycle of discovering, creating, sharing, and reviewing delivers maximum results.

We Do The Heavy Lifting

Success is a collaborative effort, but we’ll be doing all the heavy lifting. Years of having global brands call on Think Design to uncover and share the right message for their audience got us in great shape to help you.


What customers are saying

"Midis was very pleased to work with Think Design. TD built a full-service partnership with us, working elements ranging from creative suggestions to content generation to site structure to technical development. They took the time to learn our business, understand our culture, and team up with all of our key stakeholders, allowing us to focus on, and achieve, our goals for our reinvigorated online presence."

Rob Eckelmann – Chairman, Midis Group Advisory Board

Lowy Scan - the framing app that Ray delivered has changed how we work. It's an invaluable sales and inventory management tool that we use on a daily basis.

Author avatar Brad Shar – Vice President, Lowy Fine Art Framing and Restoration

Ray and his team really delivered. The editing interface is straightforward, and it's easy to compose content and re-order it. Through video, they made our content accessible - reaching kids as well as our core teacher audience.

Author avatar Gary Benenson – Director of City Technology at City College

Ray and his team enabled us to realize this project, from object and document digitization to the student interface for publishing and= online exhibition. VO rendering of objects, mouse-over transcripts of handwritten documents and games were highlights of this extensive work.

Author avatar Jessica Davis – American Revolution Digitization Project